The Character Traits of Weather

Literature Blogs

We can talk about the weather, but we can’t change it. (Good ole Ben Franklin)

We authors can describe weather and the impact it may have on our heroes or heroines. The ancients used to name various weather or sea gods, giving them character traits and often names. I’d like to suggest changing the author’s thought process and think about weather as one of your characters.

What comes to mind when you think of stormy weather? Perhaps an angry or jealous character? Or Baby Paul Bunyan throwing a tantrum? Sunshine is the restful scene (unless it’s strikingly hot). A gentle rain, a hail storm, four minutes of straightline winds, the dampness of morning fog… We writers don’t need to be pagans or even ancient to embrace weather traits as character traits.

Writing challenge: Describe the weather outside right now, using words you might give to her (or him) as a character in your novel.

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