Negative Energy Poured into Creativity

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Daffy Down Dilly has come to town
In her yellow petticoat
And her green gown.

What a lovely Nursery Rhyme, appropriate for this writing season.

Last week, Jane Yolen commented how she writes every single day. Sometimes I wonder if I do, but then I know I do, I’m just not working on my revisions I know I need to do or on the next chapter I have in my mind for my WIP.

Last week I went through some frustrating periods with acquaintances. Did I yell and scream at them? Nope. Did I journal about them? Yep. Was journaling about the situation satisfactory? Nope, ’cause what I really wanted to do was yell and scream at them.

Rational minds ruled and I kept control of my emotional outbursts. BUT… I finally found a way to go beyond the control, AND to feel satisfaction with some creative writing. I wrote epitaphs for them. One example:

Here lies dear brother Steve,
the more changes suggested,
the more he got peeved.

I know it’s a bad rhyme, and I don’t really want to see Steve dead, but it sure was satisfying to put that negative energy into the creative process. Yes, Jane, I did some writing every day this week!

All this also mades me wonder about my own epitaph. What would it read at various periods of my life? Will I be known in stone for getting angry? Or for being kind? Or for loving to play with kids? Or for planting a hill of daffodils? Or maybe I’ll be known for being a writer. Oh. I’d better get busy.

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