Our Writing is Getting Better!

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One thing I read from an editor from Ellen Jackson’s list is (paraphrased) that 20 years ago this one editor took 30 stories to the acquisisions group, and only three were good and so they published three. Today this same edtor takes 30 stories to the acquisisions group, and 27 of them are good, but they still only publish three of them. In other words, writing is getting better, like OUR writing! But that also means that competition for us is getting stronger. Although I have tons of magazine articles written, I hope for that traditional publication of a novel. I’ve made it three times to aquisitions group meetings for three different manuscripts.
This makes me think again about why do I write? And you — Why do YOU write?
*Do you feel like you’ll explode if you don’t write-write-write?
*Is it a tale needing to be shaped by you like a bit of marble under Michael Angelo’s hands?
*Do your characters tap you on your shoulder in your sleep, whispering more of their adventures and background?
*Is it a family story for your decendents to laugh and cry over before author-you kicks the bucket?
*Do you think you’ll make barrels of money and get to travel to exotic places with your loved ones?
*Do thousands of story ideas itch to be written down?
*Are writers some of the most awesome people you know?
My personal answer: yeah, sure; all of those, and more. How about you?
My thread of hope is knowing that Emily Dickenson only published 8 of her 400+ poems in her lifetime. However, I MUST NOT give in to the whimpy artist’s depression. (Oh, how cliche, and how difficult to resist. I am an artist, yet I shall prevail! The battling writer writes on!)

One thought on “Our Writing is Getting Better!

  1. Here’s to the success of the battling writer from Battle Creek.
    I think we write because we have to. It’s in us – part of us. We strive to become published, but we write no matter the outcome. True artists.

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