March 5 Story Beginnings — A Challenge

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Periodically, my critique group and I do workshops together. We choose a book. We read it. Or one in our midst is knowledgable in one area, she will lead the workshop. We discuss the topic. We give each other assignments. We apply it to our own mss.

This week we are taking a break from our submissions schedule to continue our discussion on story beginnings from last month. We each read the book HOOKED: WRITE FICTION THAT GRABS READERS AT PAGE ONE AND NEVER LETS THEM GO, by Les Edgerton.

His idea is to make sure in the first scene that there is an Inciting Incident (something which upsets the MC’s norm), along with a Surface Problem (a bad situation for your MC), and a Story-Worthy Problem (a goal which changes the MC’s world).

So our challenge this week, and I offer the same to you, is to:
1) finish reading the book, HOOKED;
2) find example beginnings from published books, naming the Inciting Incident, the Surface Problem, and the Story-Worthy Problem; and
3) do the same as #2, but with our own novels.

Keep on growing in your craft!

3 thoughts on “March 5 Story Beginnings — A Challenge

  1. You’re quite welcome, Les. You’ve sure opened our eyes to what makes a good story beginning. Thank you for putting your “little blue book” together for us, and for all serious writers.


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