2012 Writing Goals

Literature Blogs

Each January, I come up with writing goals for the year. Each December, I review them. My critique group does this with me. It holds us accountable at the beginning of the year, while they bring tears of laughter with “what was I thinking!” by year’s end. Still, I continue making them each year, simplifying them, and encouraging others to do likewise.

Although my critique group got an earful (“eyefuls,” actually, since it’s an online group), I’ll sum up my goals here into just two: 1) finish seven stories (four of them MG; three which are significantly started); and 2) submit when appropriate.

These are not your hopeful and difficult resolutions to break. They are goals to reach for, and ones which I believe I can make — that is, unless another catastrophe blows our way this year. These goals do not include related reading I’ll do (e.g., fictional books in my field, books on craft, research, etc.), or life goals (quit eating chocolate, run five miles a day, lose 600 pounds, etc. — nope, those actually be resolutions, not goals).

So… what are your writing goals for 2012?

May this year be the year of reaching them all.

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