Ugly Sweater Parties

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Part I
Kids today are so lucky. So are adult kids. Now and again, one of our own grown kids goes to Ugly Sweater Parties. It’s apparently a huge hit, and very amusing.

Part II
Because one of my characters was a knitter, I took a knitting class last month. (Authenticity and all.) At the class, for the first time I heard of felting. One woman talked about getting 100% wool sweaters at second-hand stores and felting (shrinking) them for mittens. Since I was already taking a Mitten Knittin’ Class, I didn’t see the sense in that, but wool felted slippers! Now that was a way to keep Michigan feet warm in winter!

Part III
So I went to a store and got a 100% wool sweater for $3.99. WHAT A DEAL for slippers! However, this sweater is so beyond ugly, that I love it. And that fact drives my husband nuts-o. He says it’s a good porcupine sweater — ugly and too scratchy to hug. Hmm.

Part IV
I told said son that I bought such an ugly sweater that he’d want to fight me for it to take home for his parties. Later I talked to his brother who informed me that the ugly sweaters which win at parties are ones like with a cat in a Santa hat. Huh? Those are CUUUUUUTE!

Part V
So now I’m having an Ugly Sweater Party all by myself — and grinning away like an ugly sweater contest winner.

Part VI
A couple of weeks ago, I went to a middle school where the inevitable question arose: “Do you ever run out of ideas?” HA! NEVER! And, by the way, I call finny-dib-dibs on the ugly sweater storyline!

Part VII
So get out there, have fun with life, find your own “ugly sweater,” and start writing.

2 thoughts on “Ugly Sweater Parties

  1. Sandy,
    This sweater reminds me of a beautiful garden. 🙂 I like it!
    Holiday Hugs,


    Twitter: WriteFriend

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