Happy Holidays and Happy End of NaNoWriMo

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I have nothing against people saying Happy Holidays. Thing is, I think people should say it year round. I figure I’m sort of a party girl — or at least a celebration girl. Some of my favorite holidays happen to be smooshed together in one week of September, each one of them something our family gets very excited about — Talk Like a Pirate Day, Hobbits’ Birthday, Dr. Who Anniversary. (Or wait. Is that November?) These are fun holidays, obscure, yet personal. The biggies (e.g., Christmas) get so much input from various sources that I find them very confusing. Did you know the Puritans did not take a day off of work for Christmas Day?

Oh, at the end of October, there is another group of holidays bunched together.

Granted, all holidays aren’t major-to-your-soul holidays, so it makes me wonder about the word “holiday.” Does it mean a celebration? Does it mean a quiet day of remembering? Does it mean a day off of work and no U.S. postal deliveries? Does it mean a special meal with your family or friends?

Ooooo. End of January! More great holidays coming up. There are websites dedicated to national and world-wide celebration days, weeks, months. Go get your holiday google on.

Wait! More immediately: today is the last day of NaNoWriMo 2011. How many of you printed off your winner certificates? (I’m raising my hand high for the count.) TIME TO CELEBRATE! Let’s have a cyber holiday! Whoo.

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