Storm Exposed, Part II

Literature Blogs
Last June, I posted how after the storm took down our trees, I felt exposed. To give you an idea of what happened here: A year ago, from our living room window even after the leaves fell off the trees, we could only see parts of two neighbor’s houses and the door of a shed. Today, looking out that same living room window, I see parts or all of thirteen houses, six sheds, and two detached garages. It’s like we moved from a wooded park, to a new housing development, like from “Hidden Forest” to “Prairieview.”


We used to keep our living room window curtains opened day and night, we now close them at night. I feel like I live in a cave. I feel like we’ve moved without actually moving. And why write about all this in a writing post? I must remember it. Writing fodder. Someday when I’m not as close to it — our yard is still trashed from downed trees, especially our tiny back yard — I will remember the feelings and the experience and incorporate them into a tale. It’s all good.

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