NaNoWriMo 2011 – Day 14

Literature Blogs
Ugh! This week has been a writing struggle for me. Each year, I try to push the word-count at the beginning of the month so, come the end of the month, I get to relax guilt-free around Thanksgiving and birthday time. I turn my head to the fact that there is nearly a week post-Thanksgiving to make that 50,000-word goal. I like to keep up the sprinting. If I fail for even one day, I fall into an oh-well state. So this week I flipped around like a fish out of water, moaning and complaining that I ought to be writing, but I so didn’t want to be, and knowing that nearly every word I wrote was going to be deleted, anyway. But I think I’ve found my way back not only to water, but can swim in deeper water. This past week I tried the trick of throwing in odd things into the story, when it finally occurred to me that the main character was the one I was actually struggling with. I had the plot down, but the motivation was floundering. (<– word choice to remotely relate to the fish illustration) So… I’m over that awful week, and on the next awful, I mean exiting, week.

One other interesting thing happening this week:

In THE ARTIST’S WAY course, the author talks about staying open to serendipitous things which feed your creativity. As a Christian, I just figure God’s in charge of my life and makes it chuck-full of surprises. BUT I tried to stay open about this, anyway. So this week in my mitten knittin’ class (one of my character’s knit, and I figured I’d betten learn how to knit more than scarves myself), I discovered one of my fellow students is a Civil War re-enactor. HEY! One of my two WIP s takes place during the Civil War! And then, when I told her I was writing a historical fiction in that time period, she offered to read it for historical accuracy. I didn’t even ask. How very cool is that?

So… keep up your writing, you WriMoers, and everyone, keep your eyes opened to interesting serendipitous things happening around you.

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