NaNoWriMo 2011 — and the race has begun

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(Oops. Found this in my DRAFT file, just as I’m going to add another post.)

It’s November First — I’ve been jumping up and down for about a week now, shaking my legs and arms like a starter at a race. National Novel Writing Month — the time to finish a 50,000 word novel. But, how do you turn off your mind for this mind race? No more need. The race is on.

Many of my writing friends adapt the rules of the challenge. Some cut back the word count to fit the age group for which they write. Some start with an already started novel. According to Chris Baty, the initiator of this challenge, the point is to get down the words, even if you have to throw a orangetan into the scene.

Some writer friends will not write junk, and they edit as they write. (My husband is one.) But I have learned to embrace this writing challenge and simply write, hopefully somehow story-related writing. If I don’t write down something, anything, then I can’t revise.

I’m pretty sure this revision process has something to do with the introvert-extrovert. We extroverts are good at saying whatever comes into our heads. introverts tend to mentally revise before they speak or write. I wonder, would the NaNoWriMo challenge work for introverts? I simply don’t know. I’m too busy typing away madly to think about it.

Keep on writing! Good luck to all challenge acceptors.

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