An Evening With Author Jonathan Rand

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Jonathan Rand is a very funny man. Last evening the prolific children’s author  of Michigan Chillers and American Thrillers and many other books, spoke here in Battle Creek, brought to us by our friendly public library.

The auditorium was crowded with elementary-aged children. Jonathan kept them/us entertained and involved (e.g., “THIS is how you do the Spooky Laugh”), all the while encouraging children/me to write and to read. The hour passed in a blink. I wondered if anyone would say that about my presentations.

I found it interesting that last night Jonathan didn’t bring up that he self-publishes. But for someone who has sold over four million books, even after traditional publishing houses approached him, he has decided to stick with self-publication. He is a prolific author who writes every day and gets out to schools (126 during this year) and runs a summer writing camp for kids.

Now off to read a new Thriller bought last night. (Wha-ha-ha!)

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