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What is it about writers that we often would rather be alone than in a group of strangers? I’m that way.

Today, I spent 40 minutes in the Secretary of State office, renewing my driver’s license. I took my Morning Pages notebook, my journal, and extra paper to hand-write ideas for my WIP. I ended up talking. Some of you who know me may be saying, “Well, duh!”

When I looked up from my Morning Pages to think, the white man across from me in his 50’s asked me, “Are you writing a letter? It sure is a long one.” I replied, “No. They’re my Morning Pages. I write two a day to clear the clutter so I can do some productive writing later.”

The black woman sitting one seat away from me said, “I used to do that. But I did it every night, not in the morning.” I agreed that was a good time to do it, so you could fall asleep without the day’s clutter. She said she still has hers from years ago. I encouraged her to pick it up again.

Then the man picked up on my writing comment, and said he wanted to write a poem for his 11-year-old daughter. I told him, “So do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You have permission to write junk. If you set a small goal, like to write two lines a day, you’ll be surprised at the things you can come up with.”

He then said he wanted to write her love letters, to give to her on her wedding day — to which the woman next to me and I both agreed it would make a lovely gift, also to let his daughter know that he loved her through all the rebellious teen-years. The woman sitting a few seats over with her 16-year-old nephew chuckled  at that. I’m guessing she could relate to the teen comment. I suggested he buy a nice journal and write the letters in the journal, and then he could gift wrap that. Something lit up in the guy. I could tell he appreciated the suggestion.

My number was called — number 13. Also, I was getting my license renewed on the 13th. So I asked if I could only pay $13. The clerk laughed, but said no.

By the time I left the building, I had a page and a half done in my Morning Pages, a clipped-old and a papered-temporary driver’s licenses, and I chatted with people on the way out, wishing them to have a good day.

Forty minutes among strangers. Instead of my personal writing, I had encouraged at least two of them to do writing on their own. It was a good morning.

6 thoughts on “Writing Encouragement

  1. You’re smiling again, Sandy. It’s really good to virtually see. The storm has passed and my friend is back. You’re a natural nurturer (say that three times fast!)…and people recognize it and are drawn to it.

    I love that you share and I’m excited to see your smile. Hugs. Really big hugs!

  2. Thanks, Sue. The storm sure has taken it’s toll. We still are in recovery mode, but at least all the construction guys are gone, and now the rest is up to us. Fence won’t get fixed till next summer — whenever neighbor has the ball roots taken out which lifted our fence and made big ole holes. Sorry if I was so depressing before. I just wanted to get it down, to remember. On to writing. (Nice to hear from you.)

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