Train Ride Equals People-Watching Time

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Early tomorrow I head home. It’s an eight-hour and 13 minute travel time… by train. My hubby is there to meet me. I’ll be traveling alone. And how does a writer spend so much time alone? Several ways. I’m taking enough with me to keep me busy for a couple of months. But I will have to restrict my writing and reading time so I can spend time people-watching.

Not only are there conversations to listen in on, but there are character — oops. I mean people — interrelationships to observe.  Or one of my favorite pastimes: make up character tags on interesting sorts. What day job does that man have? What would be a good name for a woman who dresses like that? How many times has that kid asked that question, and why aren’t his grown-ups listening to him? What happened to that girl to make her give such a look?

What fun. I can’t wait to “meet” the dozens of new potential characters.

3 thoughts on “Train Ride Equals People-Watching Time

  1. Interesting how, before the trip, I so looked forward to the long time alone and chance to people-watch or think or read. But, although I forced myself to write character tags and did read some, as soon as I stepped into the departing train station and all along the track home, all I wanted to do was to make the train go faster; hurry! There is a word for it: homesickness.

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