Dumpster Land

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Hip-hip-hurray! We did. We got our dumpster today. We even had two construction workers ripping off the damaged shingles of our two-year-old roof. Two delights in one day.

I find it simply amazing how things totally thrill me these post-storm days. I would have never thought (Pre Memorial Weekend Storm) that getting a big ole dumpster digging into our front yard would bring such joy.

Two weeks ago, after being gone for most of the day, I turned onto our street to find I’d entered into Dumpster Land. Eight houses in a row had dumpsters sitting in their drives or on their lawns, and I felt envious. WE didn’t have a dumpster. Who’d of thought keeping up with the Joneses meant getting a dumpster.

A close neighbor has had a dumpster for a week – empty. No workers. An across the street neighbor planned to be gone for the week when their dumpster arrived. They expected it to be delivered on Monday. It came on Wednesday. But the rainy weather kept workers away till Friday. So much for being away from the hammering and buzzing of reconstruction.

Some neighborhood houses have PODS (Portable On Demand Storage), which look a bit like dumpsters, only with roofs, for the purpose of holding things – living room furniture, or garage contents, etc., for whatever part of the house needs everything cleared out. Us? We aren’t getting a PODS. We moved our bedroom furniture out of the master bedroom ourselves where it is now stacked against a living room wall. Yes, our bedroom with vertical bed sits in the “cozy” living room, and we continue to get dressed from our dressers next to the vertical bed. I’m also slowly moving all our garage stuff to other parts of the house. Not sure the bikes or motorcycle will fit in the living room, though.

ANYWAY, I never knew there was such variety in dumpsters. One neighbor’s is bright yellow. I commented to them how hard it was to keep up with the Joneses with their pretty dumpster. She said it matched their yellow corvette. I glanced over at our rusted, grey dumpster. Both are cars are 18-years-old. True, neither is grey, but both are certainly rusted. Oh, well. OUR dumpster does the same job as theirs, just like OUR cars get us where we need to go,… just like theirs. And I’m just happy to finally be a full-fledged member of Dumpster Land.

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