How Do You Revise?

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An interesting question popped up on Miss Snark’s blog today: (basically) How do you revise? Do you revise right away or let it sit?

It got me thinking…

I revise in various ways:

1)sometimes as I’m writing the rough draft (a very slow writing method);

2) the following day, while reading over the previous few paragraphs or chapter to get a running start on new words;

3) when I’m finished with the entire rough draft for consistencies of voice, etc;

4) after going through comments from a few beta readers or critique group; and

5) right before I click “send” for an agent/editor submission. If it’s rejected, the story can sit years before I look at it again, then — BAM — it’s like I’m my own beta reader.

So? What about you? (Or are you like a best-selling author I know who says, “Only revise when your editor tells you to”?)

3 thoughts on “How Do You Revise?

  1. I’ve been revising for years on the same project. Not sure I can do anything else. I have made a commitment to submit it finally this fall done or not.

    I enjoy your blog.

  2. Congratulations on your goal or a finished project submission. Now, you must keep your mind open (while finishing this one) for another story (nudge, nudge).

  3. I revise in all the ways you say. And sometimes I revise for a specific issue like word count, character growth, or now voice. I’m now praying to please have this revision be one of the last before I submit and move onto something else.

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