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I’ve only known one author who never got rejected (Barb Yirka, aka Anne Barbour). She was an avid regency romance reader, then wrote two chapters for a contest and won the book contract award. Outside of this highly unusual situation (and wonderful person), most writers need to expect rejections from agents and editors and sometimes even fellow writers (although we writers tend to be more gentle).

A recent newsfeed led me to a study done on rejection and that social rejections (e.g., relationships; but this could be extended to writers, too, you know) cause actual physical pain to the one rejected. It makes you think, doesn’t it? Well, it makes ME think. Here’s the link:

So why do we writers do this again?

I’m thinking that our submissions is like going through the pains of dating and breaking up… until… we find THE ONE. Here’s to every writer’s love relationship (with editor, agent, readers). May it be true and happily ever after lasting.

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