To Tweet or Not To Tweet

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I had a meeting yesterday dealing with social networking in our church. Actually, I called the meeting so we could have focus, consistency, clarity, and purpose, because what we have now is pretty hodge-podge. I’m not sure the meeting was a success, but that’s a different story.

In the meeting, a 43-year-old man was shocked that I didn’t do Twitter. He knew I blogged and have a FaceBook presence. I defended myself (needlessly, as always), explaining how I’d gotten aboard the Twitter Train shortly after it left the station, and that I have lots of people who have asked to follow me; plus, I’m aware of the fact that young professionals today use it “all the time.” (I wouldn’t put myself in the young professional category. I was just flaunting off a piece of my excessive knowledge of facts.) I explained how boring a writer’s life is: “Spent four hours writing.” A week later — “Wading through a stack of books and links for research.” Two weeks later — “Writing.” Two months later — “Yea! Finished rough draft.” A month later — “Starting first round of revisions.” Well, you get the picture. Boring. Even I wouldn’t follow me on Twitter.

I remember when webcams first came out, a comic strip showed in the first box the character’s excitement to be able to watch his favorite author, live. The character is glassy-eyed in the second box. In the final box he looks sick , commenting how disillusioning it is to spend six hours staring at someone typing in their underwear.

Sure, there are the up times for a writer. Mountainous, exciting times, like attending conferences, reading fan mail, book signings, school visits, special readings, etc. And there are interesting authors who can write interesting  or funny Tweets. But most of writing is plain dull to watch — or Tweet about.

Anyone out there have positive Twitter comments for writers?

4 thoughts on “To Tweet or Not To Tweet

  1. I’ve heard from other writers that love Twitter and there are a few good discussions with editors/agents on weeknights. My problem is I just don’t have time to have a tweet conversation with working and family. I already spend too much time on blogs.

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