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I was thinking about the various careers I’ve given characters through my stories, and how each of those careers make for something interesting to add to each story. It may be because I’ve held several different types of jobs myself, and oodles more if you count all the volunteer stuff I’ve done.

Years ago, when I received an email telling me I won a laptop (disclaimer — I’m not always that gullible), I was wading through their many pages of questions about me, when it started getting more and more personal. I thought to just quit, but decided instead to start making up things. After all, I AM a fiction writer. For my career, I wrote down “Hair Growth Specialist.” I have nothing for, nor against, these people. It’s just something I knew absolutely nothing about. I never did get that laptop (without having to buy a bunch of things), but even today, my spam will pick up emails about Hair Growth, and it cracks me up. I still know nothing about the job. So I’m thinking my next story will have to include either a hair growth specialist, or else a compulsive liar. Either one makes me smile.

So what out-of-the-ordinary jobs have you given your characters?

3 thoughts on “Character Careers

  1. I only gave my main character’s parents my husband and my jobs-computer programmer & attorney. Not very original. I don’t focus on the parents’ careers much since my books are all for kids.

  2. One of my characters owned and operated a rustic vacation resort – cabins on a lake. Another character owns and operates an animal refuge and preserve.
    Of course neither of these are children’s books…

  3. Children’s books or not, adults need to work to make money to eat and survive. And so, too, our characters need jobs to survive. When I taught school, my students’ parents had all sorts of jobs from importer to bar tender to college professor to rancher to military personel, etc. Sue, I could see high adventure for kids books both at a vacation resort and on an animal refuge. And Natilie, we write what we know. I think I’ll take up teaching sky-diving as a career. No, wait. Perhaps I’d better learn how to do it first.

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