Publishing — Fuddy-Duddy Hold Out or Moving On

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Since my previous post on traditional v.s. non-traditional publishing, I’ve had several interesting conversations on this subject, as well as listening in on the WriteOnCon chat with two editors and two agents. One of the agents mentioned one of her client’s had a novella e-book published. Uncertain if she had anything to do with that acceptance or not. Somehow, that a professional traditional person would go through, or at least acknowledge in a positive light, non-traditional means of publication, got me thinking. I suppose my view is being expanded.

I am honestly glad for my successful writing friends who self-publish or go the e-book route. It makes me wonder if I am being an old fuddy-duddy by holding out for a traditional publishing house, or not. In other words, should I move my horse and buggy out of the way for the automobile? (I do so like horse and buggies.)

(Sidenote: Writer friends who have gone the successful e-book route, write books for adults. My research is still out about the success of e-books written for children. Any additional facts?)

One thought on “Publishing — Fuddy-Duddy Hold Out or Moving On

  1. Sandy, my writer critique group friend, C.K. Volnek (Charlie), has just been contracted to Muse It Up Publishing for three of her tween books. They are all scheduled to come out next year. Please go check out, click on the children’s, YA menu choices on the left at the site. You’ll see how many children writers there are and what kind of books are getting picked up.

    There’s an option for an e-book to go to print if the word count is above a certain limit and the e-book had a good first year history (buyers).

    All of the e-book readers, i-Pads, computers, or what ever other reader tool there is for downloading e-books is already available and being used.

    Check it out for yourself Sandy…it is a good option.

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