Daily Writing Word Counts

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I have found that when I record the number of words I’ve written every day, I hold myself MUCH MORE accountable… er… to me. It’s rather like eating or exercising. When you write down everything you shoot past your lips, you get a fairly accurate reading on how many calories you have eaten. When you put on the timer and exercise, v.s. “oh, that’s good enough; I’ve got other things to do now,” then you know exactly how much you’ve exercised.

Do the same with writing. Record your daily word count. I used to record emails and journaling, and would have counted my blogs, too, but I don’t do that any more. It feels like I’m cheating. My DWC (daily word count) is for actual someday-this-puppy’s-gonna-get-published writing, even if it’s background stuff, or very drecky rough draft stuff.

So, write, and record. Hold yourself accountable.

3 thoughts on “Daily Writing Word Counts

  1. I’m going to start being more conscious of my word count for a different reason. I tend to be too wordy and I realize in retrospect I could have saved myself a lot of work if I had been more conscious of how long my story was getting.

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