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I’m attempting to write every day during June — rather like NaNoWriMo. It’s going about the same as my exercise program — more sporadic than consistent, I’m afraid. I only wrote about 5,000 words last week.

HOWEVER, this month I signed up for Book-in-a-Week ( to give myself that accountability shot in the arm I sometimes need.

For Book-in-a-Week, you set a goal of the number of pages you plan on writing during the week (usually the first full week of every month; 250 words = 1 page), and each evening you send in your report. 

My goal for this week is 50 pages. This morning I wrote nearly 11 pages. Pretty good, even if I say so myself. (And, no, Susan, I’m not speaking from being on medication. I really did write almost 11 pages.) My secret goal is to double that, only if I say that out loud, then I may just be making myself accountable.

I’ll write like crazy during June, then revise like crazy for the rest of the summer. Exciting stuff, this writing.

7 thoughts on “Book-In-A-Week Boost

  1. Oh, man, WOW!! You go girl! Seriously – how impressive…especially since it isn’t drug induced (tee-hee).

    I’m stumbling just a little because I’m in the thrawls of marketing (learning the ropes) and establishing a blog (not accomplished yet). I’ve visited the YA novel I’m working on a number of times this week for revision – but…you’ve made me want to rise to the occasion.

    You are so inspiring…11 pages in one day! 2,750 words – holy smoken olie. Doubling that would put you well over 5,000 words.

    How are you doing that? Are you sitting in some awesom ambient setting? Are you working early, late, all day? How many hours total did it take you to write 11 pages? Enquiring minds want to know.

    Keep up your awesomeness – I got to reach high to catch up – I love that kind of motivation. Susan

  2. I wrote for about five hours without getting out of the chair. I work best in the mornings, when I’m uninterrupted. My husband is sick, so stayed in bed as I typed away madly.

    I actually worked on three projects, and couldn’t seem to type things fast enough. Then DH awoke, and, although he wasquiet, I was still very aware of him. (Wouldn’t want it any other way,either.)

    So, curious mind, undisturbed early morning writing. And no, I didn’t double that today. Too many distractions. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

    Keep on writing.

  3. May I inquire about ‘DH’ – I’m assuming the ‘H’ means Husband…but what of the ‘D’…Darling? There’s a couple of ‘D’ words out there. Just wondering. (smile)

    I’m about ready to give up on my e-mails – they add up faster than I can go through them – hardly any of them are from friends – they are all from Yahoo groups I’ve joined. Learning kind of groups – when do you draw the line in the sand and step back.

    I’m so afraid I’m going to miss something important I can’t seem to stop myself long enough to get to my REAL writing. You know.

    Stay tough – I’m preparing to launch myself out of e-mail. Yup.


  4. “DEAR,” my dear. Although I started laughing thinking of some other D words as well.

    Now quit reading this/these, and get back to writing!

  5. I’d set a goal of 50 pages of raw writing for this past week. I wrote 48.5 pages before my eyelids told me “na-ut-ah; no more; you’re done.” I’m not disappointed. I USED to cheat when doing BIW, and counted journal pages or letters to people. Not so this time. It was all on my two WIPs.

  6. Sandy!! Congratulations. Good going. Seriously. You rock!

    Me…I don’t want to talk about me right now…BUT, YOU, WHOOHOO!!

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