Library Rejection and Writers Block

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It’s sad enough when we writers get rejections from editors and agents, but what a big ouchie when we get it from our own public library.
I loved Hope Vestergaard’s FaceBook library write-in post — she is an Ann Arbor, Michigan, children’s author. She was very excited about the event.
I’ve volunteered to do things (programs for kids) in libraries in three states where I’ve lived. The programs have not only been well attended, the librarians have been enthusiastically grateful. I liked this write-in idea so much that I called and suggested we do it here at OUR library in town. I’ve met the children’s librarian here, and thought that her contact would be a great starting place. After all, we writers know it’s all about networking.
She called me back, after talking to other staff, and said no, because “kids would think it’s too much like school, and it wouldn’t work because of funding (needing a library staff member present).” I said I’d be there, volunteering and leading, and as a former elementary teacher, I know that kids love to write. She said, no, again.
I love to write, and love to encourage others to write, too. I simply didn’t want to leave it at that, which is quite against my personality. I’d consider myself more whimpy than pushy, but when it comes to writing, call me passionate.
I asked her to keep open-minded about it for some future date.
Knowing there are a couple hundred NaNoWriMo participants in our area, both in schools and otherwise (she hadn’t heard of NaNoWriMo), I tried a different approach. I suggested that November might be a great time for adults to gather. She said the person in charge of adult programing said no, too. I guess no from this library means “no; go away; don’t bother us any more.”
(Flashback to six years ago when we moved here. I asked the librarian at the desk if there was a place where a writers group could meet, and was told “no” then, too. Back in SD, our Black Hills Writers Group met monthly at the public library. It was a helpful and meaningful time. I wanted to share the goodness. So far, here in my town, I’ve failed.)
Well… there. Done Steaming off.
Sad Sandy
P.S. I wonder if I am burning library bridges by writing this here. On the other hand, is there even a bridge to be burned?
P.P.S. Maybe I should add here that I’m not yet my normal self right now –> Stupid medication for poison ivy!
P.P.P.S. Back to writing.

One thought on “Library Rejection and Writers Block

  1. Doesn’t sound like a friendly place to be. That sort of attitude usually comes from the top down. Hats off to you for trying.


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