On Rejections And Multiple (Query) Submissions

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I know you can’t get accepted unless you submit.  I’ve heard many a story of authors who were going to quit after “just this last try.” And then that last try was the winner — as far as being accepted for publication. Will I ever quit? I’m pretty certain, not. I KNOW I’ll never stop writing.

I got yet another reject today from an editor. An editor whom I INVITED to a conference 2 years ago while I was conference co-chair. You’d think that personal contact would count somewhat when writing, but apparently, they take the “looking at submissions from conference attendees for only 2 months after the conference” is taken quite to heart. It was SUCH a form letter (postcard in my SASE) that it didn’t even have room to include “Dear Author.”

A person in my critique group (waves to Natisha), received a rejection from an editor who requested one of her picture books. The polite and personal rejection came a year and a half after it was submitted.

I know many publishing houses are asked for exclusives, but I don’t want to be an Emily Dickenson. She had only 7 of her 1,700 poems got published in her lifetime.

Off to work more on another of my 1,700 stories.

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