Need a Two-Week Writing Challenge?

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I do… need a writing challenge, that is, especially when the weather is lovely and I hear my needy yard whimpering at me to come outside and play.

I’ve found that when I put writing challenges on my blog, it is rather like an accountablity statement for me.

Here’s the writing challenge: 3,000 raw words, and at least one submission, by May Day.

Ready? Get set? Go!

3 thoughts on “Need a Two-Week Writing Challenge?

  1. Can I do the easy half of the challenge? I will commit to a submission by May 1st. Thanks for this, I did need it.


  2. My own challenge challenges me. I did my first submission in a LONG time. Have been spending most of my writing time in revisions lately past few months, which is why I gave myself the raw-writing challenge. Two weeks to go. And, yes, Sharon, you may adapt challenges.

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