Postpartum Depression for Writers

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Last month my critique group did a whole novel critique on my MG historical fiction — a first for me, both writing a historial fiction novel and having a whole book critique from a group. I spent my writing time since then working on the revisions and rewrites.
The last week of March, I took an on-line Crash Revisions course, and although I didn’t have editor comments to which to rewrite, I did have my critique group comments. 
The result:   Having “finished” my tale, I think I’ve been going through postpartum depression, and now am just letting the baby sleep for a while. I did get one query letter out about it, though, but that may have been premature. Maybe… maybe not.
Usually, I let a finished story “set” for a few months, or even years, before I even look at it again with fresh eyes. Even though the story is good, when I do look at it again, obvious errors glare at me.
Yeah.  The query letter may have been premature (or not).
Yeah. I think I’m in postpartum depression.
Yeah. I think I’ll go suck on some chocolate.

3 thoughts on “Postpartum Depression for Writers

  1. Hey Sandy – I like the analogy of ‘a writer just hit with a full novel critique’ sydrome.

    I get what you’re feeling. Been there. Done that. Time to move on to the next baby.

    While you let this baby sleep for a bit, it’s time to produce another…maybe twins. Keep the population thriving girl. Cigars all around! Or bubble gum…or stories?


  2. Thanks, Sue. Twins, eh? Maybe I can come up with a gardening mystery. (Check out my humor blog.) Interesting thing about cigars and bubble gum and stories: Only one of those three will last.

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