“Easy” March Writing Challenge

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There’s still plenty of snow in our yard, but with temps getting up to 50 later this week, I bet it won’t be too long before a lot of it will magically disappear. Because it still looks wintery outside, I’m not distracted by dreaming of gardening quite yet. (“Gardening” — a nasty little good-weather habit which sucks up chunks of my energy and writing time.) I did, however, find three snowdrops on the southern side of our house today where the snow, warmed by our toasty abode, had melted. There is hope for spring. Oh. No! Write quickly.

So here’s the “Easy” March Writing Challenge:

Write at least 3 complete chapters of your WIP, or 5,000 words, by the end of March.

Ready? Get set? GO!

3 thoughts on ““Easy” March Writing Challenge

  1. Okay, I’m in for 5,000 words by the end of March. I’ve got a deadline for a short work that is around 10,000 words, so I better get there.
    Thanks for the friendly push to get started.

  2. Well, I made it Sandy. I haven’t added each amount of words per project, but my current project is up to 9,900 words and it’s due by the end of the week. I still have 7,300 words to go before I can call it complete.

    I’m spending many, many more hours writing…turned into a bit of a recluse to my family – but I am doing what I love. It brings me joy…and hopefully some monetary stability too.


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