What Are YOUR Writing Rewards?

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To reward my 5 hours of revising and critiquing today, I went outside in the MARVELOUS afternoon sunshine, and built me a 6′ snowman. THEN I put a sign on it, challenging the neighborhood to a Snowperson Contest. (I’ve seen several stoppers & lookers so far — tee-hee.) At the bottom of the sign, I wrote that their snow person had to be seen from the road, so I would be able to tell if anyone did it. So far, mine is the only snowman in our neighborhood. I can hardly wait till the weekend to see if I’ve got any takers.

I did this (made a snowman) for several reasons: I work for rewards; I like making/creating things; I like making things out of snow; the temp was perfect snowball-making snow; I LOVE being outside, especially in the sun; and, the last time I made a snowman (last month, in fact) I pulled a muscle in my arm carrying the middle ball, so just wanted to prove to myself that I could get right back up on the snow horse and ride her without fear.

I did this (Snowperson Challenge) for several reasons: I wanted to send a message to my neighbors that it’s fun to be outside; I really wanted neighborhood kids who would rather video game inside, to take up the challenge and spend some time in the great wintery out-of-doors; I thought it would be way-cool if our neighborhood had snowmen on every other yard; and, doing a neighborhood event/challenge like this makes me feel closer to my neighbors, whether they build snowpeople or not, whether they hibernate or not.

So… what rewards do YOU give yourself for successful writing times?

2 thoughts on “What Are YOUR Writing Rewards?

  1. I’m so impressed with your motivation and drive to get out there in the cold and create. Awesome! Although, I’m kind of glad I’m not your neighbor…that means I’d have to commit to a challenge (smile).

    Congratulations on your five hours of revisions and critiquing!!

    I’m busy taking some on-line writing bootcamp workshops through savvyauthors dot com (savvy – with 2 v ‘s not 1 w), I’m also working on a critique/proof job, and continuing on my novel wip.

    I’m going to reward myself with a coffee shop meeting. A latte and a friend at the end of the week.

  2. I love this blog. You never fail to bring a smile. Most of the time a belly laugh. I have never used the reward system but will think on that.


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