Stopping the Canary from Singing

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I feel deflated and defeated and that de-big-guys squash me.  It reminds me of the story of an elderly woman who took her canary to the vet, explaining he no longer sings.

“Did you leave the window open? Have you gotten new pets or had visitors? Has anything usual happened?”

“No. No. And no. I just don’t understand it.”

“When did he stop singing?”

“The last time I cleaned his cage.”

“What happened then?”

“I decided to clean the bottom of the cage with the vacuum cleaner. Well, Birdie flew down to investigate, and got sucked up. I thought I’d killed him, but when I cut open the bag, I found him covered with dust, but still breathing — just barely. So I took him and put him under the water faucet and washed him off real good. Then I used a hair drier to dry his feathers.  He looks fine, but he hasn’t sung since that day.”

6 thoughts on “Stopping the Canary from Singing

  1. Hey – traumatized, haven’t we all felt that way for different reasons. It lasts until we process and work through it. Lesson learned and life goes on until we’re traumatized again.

    You know that only happens when we’re ready for the next life lesson… Lucky you.

  2. Big giant hugs. Two or three of them. Maybe more. I’m watching to see if you’re smiling yet.
    I feel better. Do you feel better?
    I know I’m making this sound light when I’m sure your heart has been hammered to the ground, too heavy to pick up.
    But…you do realize it is always a matter of choice. You can handle it in a positive light – like you just got totally de-mattered and you’re feeling squeaky clean or negative dark – like you’re still filled from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head with dust of the past…
    It’s your energy, how do you wish to spend it? Drop the dust out in a big pile of poo, light it on fire and leave it on the vacuum clearner’s doorstep.
    Ahhhh…do you feel better now?

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