Rest-of-January Writing Challege FRIDAY reports

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For those of you who are more logical than spontaneous me, you may use FRIDAY’S in January to report, if you wish to take advantage of the nearly 3 full weeks. (And for those who need the last weekend, okay-okay, you may report your progress here on January 31 by 11:59 p.m. EST.


11 thoughts on “Rest-of-January Writing Challege FRIDAY reports

  1. I’m slow to start but have 1,212 raw words as of today. Also revising on another. Great fun – Thanks! Hope to see progress of others noted here.


  2. Sandy’s Friday morning report — unsure if I’ll get any other writing time in today.
    It’s been a crazy week. So what else is new? This week:
    1,496 raw words written
    4.5 hours spent in revisions or scene organization
    ( plus, 5 hours spent in critiquing others’ writing)

  3. Okay – I got in a little over 15 hours of writing on my novel Mon. thru Sun., but only a whole 84 words added to my word count. I have a total of 23,004 right now.
    My plan is to write at least 800 words daily, including the 31st to get my 10,000 word count by the end of the month.

    I had other time invested in things to do with writing, in fact quite a chunk of time researching websites and blogsites because I’m going to have a friend build one for me and she’s going to want to know what I like.

    You both have me beat in word count – BUT, don’t count me out for succeeding.

  4. 15 hours of writing this week was awesome, Sue. It’s this revising thing. It’s driving me nuts. There isn’t a good system for doing rawword count for revisions with all the deletions to tighten the story. You encourage me to get those 10,000 words in myself by the end of the month. YIKES!

  5. Well, not as far along as I’d like but I’ve done a tad over 4000 new words since joining in on the January 10,000 words goal. 6000 more to do in six days? Well, it’ll be worth the effort. Best of luck to everyone.


    • Good job, Christopher. You’ve done well. And to go, it’s ONLY 6,000 words in … wait a minute!… it’s ELEVEN days, if you report on January 31st. Feeling better? So quit reading this and go get in some more word count.

  6. I’m so excited. I’m working on my mid-grade sci-fi novel. I began chapter 5 when we started this. As of today (Thursday night, won’t be online tomorrow) I am in chapter 7 and have 3,599 new words. I’m trying to catch Christopher.

    Happy Writing,

  7. I’m afraid I’m not doing so well in the area of raw word count — 3,466 word to date. 5,500 to go for next week. However, I have spent 7 hours in revision work this week, which is usually 100 words forward and 300 words back.

    (I also spent 2 hours this week critiquing, but that wasn’t part of the challege– along with several hours working on SCBWI fall conference stuff. FUN stuff — really!)

  8. Hi Everyone,

    You are all doing so well! Way to go Sharon, Sandy, and Christopher.

    I tracked 18-1/2 hours of writing (revisions and new words). I’m finally moving forward. Total words so far 2,513. I have 7,487 to go and 7 days to go. Let’s see that’s about 1,070 words a day and I know I will do it.

    Break it down to daily words gang…figure it out. You’ll find it’s more doable than you think. I’m thinking I might be better than I think when I’m under pressure. Ya think??


  9. Hello Sandy, Sharon, and Christopher,

    I’m at 4,000 words (1/28) today and have discovered I’m not better under pressure…at least not right now. Too many ‘life’ things going on that I can’t seem to de-prioritize.

    My plan is to keep writing, but I had to belly up on the words to release the pressure gage…now maybe my performance will improve.

    Keep up the great work everyone – I’m your biggest fan!!

  10. Two more days… don’t think I’ll get in the +3000 words needed to reach the 10,000 word challenge. But this challenge has made me write on days when I really wanted to do other things. lol.

    I have a running total of 6,779 for raw word count with 2 days to final count. I’ve spent an additonal 5 hours in revision mode this week, and 12 hours this week working on the SCBWI-MI fall conference, along with 4 hours critiquing others.

    Thank you each for your encouragement. Keep on writing!

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