Rest of January Writer’s Challenge

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Writer friend Sue told me her critique group was doing a Write-10,000-Words-During-January challenge… but that no one has mentioned anything about it since last year. And here we are a full third of the way through the month already. Tisk-tisk. I told Sue I’d take her up on it. Writers need accountability, after all, even if it’s “only” with each other (v.s. deadline with agent or editor).

Since we are both in revision-mode, we’ve found that our WIP word count is shrinking instead of growing, as is to be expected.

So… here’s our revised challenge:

1) 10,000 RAW words (i.e., newly written) by the end of January; and

2) At least one hour per day of writing in our busy schedules, be that RR or R — raw , revising or rewriting.

Anyone else want to take up the Rest of January Writer’s Challenge? Please feel free to join us.  You may place your word count or hours in the comment area of this blog during the remaining three Mondays in January. Good luck, and keep on writing.

2 thoughts on “Rest of January Writer’s Challenge

  1. The last day of January and I did not complete the 10,000 words. I ended up with 6,029 but completed four chapters of my work in progress. I only have two to go. Sandy, thank you for hosting this challenge. Besides finding out I could do more than I thought, I also had a great time doing it.

  2. I have 6,500 words written since the challenge began, and am SURE I can get in anothe 500 words by the end of the day to round off that to a sweet number. Nope, didn’t make the 10k goal, either, but have 6,500 words more than I had mid-January, plus lots of revisons in.

    It’s about accountability for me.

    Now, on to the NEXT goal/ writing adventure.

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