Never Know When You’ll Meet an Editor

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My husband just returned from a funeral. I’d chosen to stay home instead of go. He ate lunch afterwards with the granddaughter of the deceased, the granddaughter who happens to be a managing editor at Random House in NYC.

“What was her name?” He gave me two posibilities for her first name.

“Last name?” He didn’t know.

“It’s a pretty big house. What area or genre does she manage?” He couldn’t tell me that, either, but he was very excited about meeting her. Then, before I could act, or worse yet, overreact, he wisely and quickly left the house to get a hair cut.

One thought on “Never Know When You’ll Meet an Editor

  1. P.S. This post is NOT about stalking editors, like writers who follow them into bathrooms at conferences. Of COURSE, were I to have been there at the luncheon, I would honor the moment of the funeral, and not pitch.. then.

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