Day 24 — NaNoWriMo — Thanksgiving Priorities

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Company’s coming tonight for the next 5 days. I haven’t written anything on my NaNo novel the past two days. Today’s not looking too good, either. I wish I could snap my fingers and house cleaning and  food preparations could be done in an instant. Or maybe I, as a writer, just need to get over caring if I have guests who use mildewy toilets, or if I serve  peanut butter and jelly sandwiches v.s. hors d’oeuvres and turkey and scrumptious pies.

Okay. I’m not really grumbling about family coming in, nor about feasting out. I adore my family, and cherish each moment we get to spend together. Family ALWAYS takes priorities over writing, or anything else for that matter.  And food — well, need I say more? And celebrations are worth looking forward to, participating in, and remembering.

But see? I take a few minutes out between grocery shopping and laundry loads to blog that I don’t have time to write today.  Silly Sandy.

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