Day 16 of NaNo — Saddly Saggin’ Motivation

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22,000+ words done for NaNoWriMo so far (nearly half way there), and I’m really, really lacking motivation. Maybe it’s the realization that half of those words will be deleted, with the other half needing to be rewritten. Maybe it’s the gloomy weather today — and expected to continue so, all week-long — paralleling my mood (or visa versa). Sunshine. I need sunshine!

That being said, I’m quite satisfied with a scene I worked on yesterday and today. It’s a keeper. BUT, because I feel good about it, I’m afraid that I killed any enthusiasm of writing something new (yet today; the day is still young; ever the optimist). Maybe I need to go rake some more of the fallen leaves. Only two more weeks for yard-waste pick up until April. Perhaps raking will drain my brain of writing satisfactions and/or writing hold backs, so I can motivate myself to move forward.

Feeling sickness coming on — cold-ish thing, I think. Wait! Isn’t that yet another non-motivator for writing? Being sick? Sad. Very sad. Must quit this blogging whimpering, and either go rake or write, motivated or sick or not.

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