Day 4 of my First NaNo — My NaNo Buddies

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I have 9 NaNoWriMo Buddies on my NaNo page, people I can keep track of, and see where I fall in with. I’m very proud of my son taking up the challenge this year, along with the bazillion other things he has going on in his every day life. Makes a mommy proud. But as far as my own pacing, I like to check up on my on-line critique group. 4 of the 6 of us in the Blue Quills critique group decided to take November off of our submitting-critiquing schedule to participate in NaNoWriMo. Two had done it before. The two non-NaNo-participants are spending November in novel revisions.

So here I am today, typing happily away (or at least thinking about doing so), when I decide to procrastinate a little more of working on my NaNo novel and check how my NaNo writing buddies are doing . Natisha, Jaqueline and I are plugging away about the same-ish word count, and then there is Lap-Boy-Holding-Rose, so far ahead of us that the dust has already settled. I’d like to know, Rose, may I please borrow Colin for a few days? Sure, she says her writing is a lot of stream of consciousness, but once you have the words down, THEN you can go back and add, delete, or rearrange.

Congratulations, Rose. Really. Congratulations all who have written anything during NaNoWriMo, officially participating or not. Any words down, are some words down which weren’t down before. (And you may quote me on that.)

So now… I guess I’ve procrastinated long enough — although I really am curious about the machine noise clanking and banging down a few houses; maybe that will be my reward for writing my first 500 words today. BUT, will they be gone by that time? Oh, what is it? What is making that strange-to-the-neighborhood noise? No, wait! We are almost out of milk. Must go buy milk. I’m getting thirsty for it already. I could check out the noise as I drive past. Must go… Must go to work now on my NaNo novel, a MG historical fiction, THE TOWN THAT DISAPPEARED.  (Ooooo!)

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