Raw Writing (i.e., first drafts)

I am an unstructured person. Circle-me cannot fit into the square holes of daily disciplined people. I can read 8 books in one week, then wait a couple or more months before I pick up another. It’s not quite the same with my writing, although I have been known to bing write — like for the many years I was in BIW (Book-in-a-Week). Long ago I heard the question, “So, do you write every day?” I used to answer no, but after giving that answer, wasn’t taken seriously as a writer. So… today if you ask me, do you write every day? I’d have to answer an honest yes.Is that writing always raw writing (i.e., first drafts) or rewrites or revisions? No. This summer I’ve spent more time learning about websiting and the art of blogging than I have in any of those three. In my defence, I am following my summer goals. I finished the revision of one novel and then dove into a study of on-line presence. Having no traditionally published book (YET), I want to be able to have all this awkward learning behind me so I will be able to center in on my real writing.

Today I am craving Raw Writing — getting those ideas, characters, and scenes down for the very first time, allowing my fingers to simply fly over the keyboard, trying to get my thoughts into letters before they fly from me. Vacation time and family visits quench that, this week. I DO NOT REGRET GIVING UP MY WRITING FOR FAMILY — EVER. (Yes, that was me yelling.) Family is always top priority to me. But today I crave sitting down in one spot for 2-3 hours and doing some uninterrupted raw writing. It won’t happen. Not today. But I can wait.

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